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Timeless is an epic saga about love and reincarnation. The story began in the land of pharaohs, during the Old Kingdom era. Sabef, the high priest of Min, fell head over heels in love with Kawab, the royal prince. However, to his utter disappointment, he learned that Kawab was actually in love with General Hunefer. Insanely obsessed, he cast an abominable curse upon them – the reincarnation spell – so that there would be no peace for them after they died.

In April 1912, the Titanic’s maiden voyage began. Running away from his intolerant father, Ian Coulter boarded the majestic ocean liner to start a new life in America. Aboard the ship, he discovered an ancient Egyptian medallion, once given by Hunefer to Kawab. Upon touching the golden shimmering object, he was struck by the memories of his past life. “I was Prince Kawab,” he gasped with rounded eyes.

Determined to reunite with Hunefer’s reincarnation, Ian had to decide whether it was Chief Office Edmund Fox or the stoker Frank Millson. Meanwhile, a mysterious man with a scarred palm secretly took an interest in Ian. And a steward lurked around, carrying a mysteriously-looking Chinese dagger. One of them might be Sabef’s reincarnation! Could Ian find his soulmate in time before the Titanic sank into the bottom of the Atlantic?

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Edition: Uncensored
Genre: M/M, Supernatural, Mystery, Romance, History, Hardcore
Quantity: 3 ebooks
Part 1: 32,000+ words
Part 2: 26,000+ words
Part 3: 30,000+ words
Release Date: October/ November/ December 2013
Sensitive Content: Alternative history, explicit sex

Timeless: Titanic Chapter may sound similar to other Titanic-themed romance novels. Two people fall in love, ship sinks, and people die. However, this gay novel is unlike any Titanic novels you’ve ever read! Timeless takes a different course by including reincarnation and Ancient Egyptian god/sorcery. Supernatural Titanic may sound absurd to some people. However, history recorded Officer Lightoller’s unusual statement. He himself testified that the night when Titanic sank was freakish. There was even an confounded  rumor about a mummy aboard the Titanic! Inspired by those claims, I built my story around them. Nevertheless, I did my best to keep most events realistic.

There will be prequels and sequels to explain the saga of Timeless, as well as a series of free online stories regarding those characters. If you like the idea of Timeless, please purchase your copy now. Support me so that I can keep writing for you. Thank you.

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