Bleak Woods


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The story of Bleak Woods took place in Norcross, a small yet prosperous British colonial town in North America. At the time, sodomy was deemed as the most heinous crime ever recorded in human history and was punishable by death according to the Christian-based law. A local priest called Father Phelps advocated such law vehemently, even up to the point where he regarded himself as the town’s unofficial religious constable.

The ghastly tragedy started in 1744 when Charles Carleton – a respected townsman – was caught having sex with his stableman, John Brillhart. Father Phelps insisted that he had to be executed according to God’s law. Fearing their town would suffer Sodom and Gomorrah’s heavenly punishment, the townspeople cried out for Carleton’s blood. He was then decapitated in front of the cheering mass. After his demise, his soul held a deep grudge. And the Headless Horseman of Norcross was born. Its entire residents wiped out by the specter’s wrath, Norcross turned into a ghost town. Along with the surrounding woods, it was dubbed as Bleak Woods.

In 2012, Neal Lucas – a gay journalist – found himself waking up naked in Bleak Woods. The Headless Horseman of Norcross appeared, threatening him to retrieve his lost head. In Neal’s arduous quest to recover the missing head, he disclosed the gruesome secret about the mystery of Bleak Woods.

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ISBN13: 978-1-30146-548-2
Genre: M/M, Supernatural, Mystery, Erotica, Romance
Book Length: 64,000+ words
Release Date: February 18, 2013
Sensitive Content: Religious antagonists, violence/gore, explicit sex

This supernatural M/M erotica ends with a twist ending. If you enjoy unpredictable plots and are not afraid of steamy details, you have to read Bleak Woods!

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