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Not many of my readers are aware that my commercial novels are actually interconnecting. That’s because they are all parts of Himeros Universe. That universe is very similar to ours, yet subtly different. For example, in Himeros Universe, Malaysia has a pro-gay prime minister who abolishes a number of ridiculous homophobic bills as stated in Scripted Love. That doesn’t happen in our universe. And it may never happen.

My characters, from various novels, may not know one another, yet they are connected indirectly. For example, Neal Lucas from Bleak Woods is indirectly connected to Castiel, the sexy angel from Daemon Dominus (my up-and-coming novella series). How you may ask? Well, hundreds of years ago, Castiel helped a dominus to capture a demon who was responsible for creating the mysterious tower mentioned in Bleak Woods. See? Everyone in my novels somehow connect with one another.

In order to help you understand the background of my characters, I interview them for you. You can read about what they think and feel about some particular matters. That way, you may feel connected to them. In fact, you may even believe they are real.

And of course, everyone loves trivia and tidbits. You’ll learn interesting facts about the background of my novels, such as, do you know that:

  • A part of Charles Carleton’s execution scene in Bleak Woods was inspired by real event of the execution of gay couple in Iran?
  • The legal age in colonial law started when a person reached 21. Anyone below 21 was deemed an infant!
  • In Malaysia, all gay characters in movies are required by law either to die or to repent

If you want to know more unimportant yet interesting facts behind my gay novels, then please head to the trivia section.

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