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If you like my Photoshop cover arts and you also happen to need help in designing some photo-manipulation arts, feel free to hire me. I have worked for several writers, as well as designing all my own cover arts. Take a look at my portfolio below…

Below are the examples of my photo-manipulation experiment between men and action figures. It turns out that the quality depends highly on the poses of the action figures. My personal favorite is Sagittarius Knight.


Commissioning me to do your cover art is very easy. But in order to give you a clearer picture, I’ll describe how the process is going to be:

1. Feel free to contact me via contact form. Please include your Yahoo Messenger or Skype. If you’re also a mobile person, do include your Whatsapp number, Line, or any other chat service you use. I’ll contact you and set up a schedule for online chat which suits both of us.

2. The idea for your cover art will be discussed together in a casual chat. If you have no idea, don’t worry because I’m here to help. I’ll need to know what your story is about, how your characters look, and the memorable locations or events in your ebook.

3. After we agree upon the cover (models,objects, fonts to be used) and the fee, please transfer half of the fee via PayPal. I will then start creating a mock up which will be ready within 24-48 hours.

4. Upon getting the mockup, you may suggest minor revisions such as the position of the characters and so on. Although you’re allowed to request unlimited revisions, please note that multiple revision means longer time needed to finish the mock-up.

5. After you approve the mockup, I’ll then start creating the final version within 24-72 hours. Please be advised that it may take longer, depending on the complexity and my schedule (as I have 8-hour/6 days office job).

6. When the final cover is done, I’ll show you its smaller version. After you transfer the rest of the fee, I’ll send the high resolution result. Both the textless version and the titled version.

7. Although you have the exclusive right to use that cover art for your ebook, please kindly include my name and my website in the credit section of your ebook.


Basically, there are two choices of style for cover arts that I offer: fade-out and glamor. Each style is priced differently. However, the fee may rise if you want more complexity on the characters or background.


This kind of cover may be great for writers with budget problem. The key element is the character(s) dominates the entire cover with half portion of his/her body fading out into the background. This style is very popular with most authors, even the ones published by big publishers. A great number of movie posters also use this style. Fade-out cover starts from $25 (simple version). Please be advised that the examples I attached above are the advanced version of fade-out covers where I had to apply many effects, including skin color matching. They cost more expensive. 


For those who want to make a bold statement, pick glamor cover. Unlike the fade-out one, your character(s) will look more alive as if he/she really stands in front of a background. I can also add some special effects if you wish, such as the flare of the sun or falling raindrops. Glamor cover starts from $75. Price rises as difficulty increases. 


You’ll get one final version of your customized cover art 2000×3000 or with the size of your choosing. However, with every order (fade-out style or glamor style), you’ll also get FREE BONUS:

  • You don’t have to pay for several photo elements to be used in the cover (worth $100). You’ll only need to pay for the photo of main model(s) only
  • One FREE 3D ebook cover for your website (worth $15) – upon request
  • One FREE promotional banner (worth $10) – upon request
  • FREE promotion in my website for unlimited time! Your cover will be placed here and I will mention your name

With total bonus up to $125, you can imagine how cheap my ebook cover design service is. Other cover designers may not give you the same offer. So what are you waiting for? Grab your potential readers right now with the help of my artistic cover arts.


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