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Let me introduce myself. My name is Hector Himeros and I’m one of the gay authors who commercially self-publish their stories online. However, unlike most writers, I’m also a professional cover designer. Therefore I design the cover arts, as well as promo posters, for all my stories. Some of my graphical arts can be seen at’s art section.

I was born in a non-English-speaking country in 1980. English happened to be my favorite subject which I excelled in. Because writing is my hobby, in early 2000s, I started to write gay erotic stories to express my inner feelings. In the beginning, they were only penned in my native language. In order to expand readership, I eventually began to write in English and posted them to several gay websites.

At first, I was a full-time writer. And I wrote for free. My only source of income came from several readers’ donation. However, it didn’t happen on monthly basis. Therefore, in early 2013, I purchased a domain name and set up my own website to sell my gay novels commercially. Unfortunately, the book sale was slow. Thus, because bills kept piling up, I later took up a desk job in a local small computer store as an ad designer and content writer. The salary was low but at least it was steady.

Although the job takes up most of my time and energy, I have no plan to abandon my writing activity. In fact, I just revamped with new looks and scripts. Now, purchasing my ebooks becomes so much easier, faster, and automatic. I also offer my designing service to self-published writers and ebook publishers who may be interested in my Photoshop skill. If you need to inquire about my ebooks or designing service, or even just to say hello, don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

At the moment, I’m still single, waiting for love to drop by. Anyone interested? ^_^

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