Scripted Love

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In an alternate timeline, Malaysia was on the brink of cultural revolution when the once-dominant religious party lost their grip in the government. The newly appointed prime minister took everyone by sheer surprise when he announced the abolishment of a number of homophobic bills, including the Movie Bill. Movie directors, like Faisal Ramlee, were no longer required by law to kill their gay characters or to make them repent.

Faisal then seized the rare opportunity to express his artistic freedom in filming what he called the perfect gay movie. He recruited Miza Kamal to play the role of a mentally torn gay-in-denial. As Miza’s on-screen love interest, he cast a gay actor named Abel Hamid.

Unfortunately, Miza’s heterosexuality was proven to be a great obstruction when it came to getting in touch with his gay side. Threatened by Faisal that he would be fired, he immediately sought some acting guidance from Abel. The acting lesson took a surprising turn when they rehearsed a bed scene together. Lying naked with another man, Miza realized that he actually possessed a gay side. Before long, both men found themselves madly in love with each other.

The cultural revolution wasn’t welcome by most Malaysians, especially the religious ones. They rose up in protest to condemn homosexuality. Things went out of control during a movie award when a religious fanatic took matters into his own hand. More than ready to die, he was about to blow up those whom he accused as the culprits of the so-called gay epidemic. Miza and Abel were caught in between! Could they survive? Or would their love be torn by hateful intolerant religion?

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