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Bleak Woods - Neal Lucas

Today, I’m interviewing Neal Lucas, who works as a journalist in Los Angeles. We’re currently standing at the entrance to Bleak Woods, a forest somewhere in Virginia which has been rumored to be haunted.Neal, thanks for sharing your time with us. We know you’re in the middle of your vacation here.

Neal: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me here.

So what brings you to Bleak Woods?

Neal: I’ve actually come here to hunt deer. There’s a website that claims that Bleak Woods is a heaven for American deer. No one ever hunts them here, so I thought I should check it out.

But Bleak Woods is renowned for its creepy legend of the Headless Horseman of Norcross. Don’t you know that?

Neal: The website did warn about that, but I’ve chosen to ignore it because I don’t believe in the supernatural.

So why don’t you believe in the supernatural. I mean, you believe in God, right?

Neal: Yeah, I do. But that’s different. I personally know some people who think that believing in God is equal to believing in ghosts, Big Foot, UFOs, etc. But to me, religion is all about faith, not supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

That’s an interesting view, Neal. So, you’re not afraid of the Headless Horseman of Norcross?

Neal: Nah! I’m sure it’s just a hoax spread by some save-the-animals activists. I have to admit, their tactics work. I mean, no one dares to come near this forest.

Do you hunt a lot? I mean, judging from the weapon you carry and your big backpack… I’d say you’re a professional hunter. Correct?

Neal: Not really. I used to hunt a lot though, with my dad when I was younger. But the tradition ended once I went off to college and began work. Life just gets too busy these days. You know, what I mean? It seems you no longer have time for yourself anymore. Just work, work, and more work. No work, no money. No money, no love…

Speaking of love, does anyone know you’re gay?

Neal: Err… Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I don’t flaunt my homosexuality, but if someone asks, I don’t mind telling them I’m gay. If they don’t like it, I don’t care. I have no time for homophobia.

Interesting… That reminds me of the Bleak Woods’ legend. Are you aware that the Headless Horseman of Norcross used to be human? That he died for his so-called sin against Christianity?

Neal: Yeah, I read that on the website also. Something about Charles Carleton, a rich man who was caught sodomizing his stableman, and for that the townspeople chopped off his head to spare their town from Sodom and Gomorrah’s divine punishment. I think they’re all nuts. Using religion to persecute gay people? That’s just wrong! And technically, those Jesus freaks are committing blasphemy. I mean, spreading the word that their God, who is supposed to be full of love and compassion, loves roasting gay people in Hell… That’s not a good way to promote your religion, is it? Sadly, history is littered with similar events, like the Inquisition. Even nowadays, such practices are still rampant. It’s really ironic. Religions are supposed to be about peace and love, not inciting hatred.

So do you believe in that legend?

Neal: I do believe that Carleton may have died because he’s gay. I mean, it seems like it was a trend back then, to kill gay people in the name of Jesus. But I don’t believe in ghosts. When you die, you die. The end.

I thought you said that you believe in God? Don’t you believe in the afterlife? Heaven and Hell? Ghosts, demons, and those sorts of things?

Neal: Yeah, I do believe in Jesus. But then again, my faith is quite… Err… How should I put it? Unique. Let’s just say that my God is not obsessed with what humans do in their private bedrooms, and he certainly doesn’t have the barbaric hobby of roasting gay people in Hell forever and ever.

I also did some digging around about the legend. A quite well-known name popped up. The legend has it that Carleton died at the hands of a homophobic priest named, Father Phelps. It’s worth noting that he shared the same view: God hates fags.

Neal: I’m not aware of that. Father Phelps? (Neal smirked) Maybe he’s the rotten ancestor of Westboro Church’s Fred Phelps. I mean, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?

What do you think of Fred Phelps?

Neal: Well, Fred Phelps can shove it up his a** (Neal showed his middle finger). Seriously, when will our government tear down that church of hate? It’s similar to condoning the KKK or Nazism.

You sound very passionate about this issue. Are you also a gay activist by any chance?

Neal: Not really. I’m just an ordinary gay man. I’m just a journalist.

What type of articles do you write anyway?

Neal: I write any kind of news that is worth headline news. Unfortunately, such news is hard to find. So when nothing exciting happens, I write about daily news, like bank robberies, tax issues, and other boring stuff like that.

So you interview people?

Neal: Yes. I’ve met a lot of interesting people in my life, like you (Neal smiled).


I can tell from the way you’re interviewing me that this is the first time you’ve interviewed someone, right? Somehow, it feels rather stiff. But don’t worry, you’ll get better.

Well, thank you. I’ll try to do better next time. I still have a few more questions for you. Tell me, what you do in your spare time. You did mention you barely had enough time for yourself.

Neal: Usually, I like to make love with my boyfriend. That’s a great way to spend my free time. But I’ve been single for quite some time now. So, lately, I’m more into surfing the internet. You know, social networking and blogging. Oh, I almost forget to mention… I love reading.

Reading? That’s cool. What kinds of books do you read, Neal?

Neal: I read all kinds of books actually. For work, I do cross referencing regarding all sorts of topics. But for pleasure, I prefer reading something sexy, like gay erotica.

Gay erotica? Really? That’s very interesting.

Neal: Well, I’m not a hypocrite. I do enjoy sex and all kinds of sex-related items, like erotic stories. By the way, I’m one of your fans. I follow your erotica series regularly. I really like reading your free erotica: Devil’s Collector and Timeless: Titanic series. You should have them finished soon.

Well, thank you. I’m quite flattered. I didn’t know you read my stories. So, any special preference in erotic stories? Like BDSM maybe? Fantasy? Romance?

Neal: Not really. But I do crave reading erotic stories which also have plots. You know, something to read about the characters and the events surrounding them, but at the same time you get the juicy sex in full detail. Not many writers want to write about that. It seems they are afraid to be stamped as porno writer. Nowadays, if you buy M/M romance, you’ll get plot only with no sex or very little sex. If you buy M/M erotica, you’ll get sex only with no plot.

I feel the same. And I understand what you mean.

Neal: Hey, maybe you can write an M/M erotic novel about me. You know, write about me meeting the headless horseman of Norcross. But balance the horror and gore with hot sex. Perhaps a little romance, some unpredictable twists… You could call it Bleak Woods. I’m sure erotica fans will love to read it.

Maybe I will write that.

Neal: And don’t forget to send me a free copy (Neal winked).

Don’t worry, I will (I smiled). Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thanks again for letting me interview you, Neal. Good luck on your hunting. And try not to run into the headless horseman of Norcross.

Bleak Woods

Bleak Woods is my self-published debut M/M erotica novel – released in February 2013 – which tells about Neal Lucas who is stranded in a creepy forest, only to discover that he may lose his head if he refuses to help the Headless Horseman of Norcross. In his quest, he meets some hot men and discovers gruesome facts about the specter. This supernatural mystery erotica ends with twist ending. If you like unpredictable plots and are not afraid of steamy details, you must read Bleak Woods. It has 64,000+ words and costs only $5.99.

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