Meet Charles Carleton From Bleak Woods

Bleak Woods - Neal LucasToday’s interview is quite unique because technically I won’t be interviewing anyone. The man whom I’m supposed to interview is Charles Carleton who is believed by the locals to have turned into the Headless Horseman of Norcross upon his death hundreds of years ago. I managed to do some digging about him and I came up with a lost document of his confession which he wrote hours before he was beheaded by Father Phelps for his sin against Christianity: sodomy.

My name is Charles Carleton. And I only have a few hours to live. The townspeople of Norcross will behead me. As a mortal man, I admit I’m scared of dying. But I’m even more scared if no one hears my side of the story. I know, after my death, they will describe me as a sinner, a rapist, a criminal, a sodomite…. But the truth is I’m just a lonely man who longs to be loved by another man.

I was born in Norcross. It’s a small British colony in the so-called New World. My grandparents were among the original colonists who helped build this place, thus automatically earning me the social status as a respectable man in this town.

Norcross is actually a very beautiful place to stay. It’s located in the middle of a forest. We call it Bleak Woods because its atmosphere is simply bleak. It’s a silly name if you ask me. We get our lumber and also meat there. Bleak Woods is heavily populated with deer. Norcross is also located not far from a river which supplies us with fresh water and fish.

I lived in a large mansion, simply dubbed as “Carleton Mansion”. It’s located on the outskirts of Norcross. My grandparents built it there because they liked the quiet surroundings. After the death of my both parents, I lived there with my menservants and maids. I asked them to bring their spouses and children because Carleton Mansion was simply too large to live in all by myself. In addition, I wanted to do something good for the townspeople I loved.

Whenever I need time to be alone, I ride out into Bleak Woods for hours. I love horses and I own several. My favorite horse is a black stallion which I named Henry. Why Henry? I’m not sure why. I just picked it randomly. Henry is not just a horse, he knows my feelings. To me, he’s my best friend.

A few years ago, I hired a stable boy named John Brillhart. He was only 15 at that time. I noticed how he secretly stared at me. I knew then that John was like me, a male who loves another male. I admit John was beautiful and sexy but he’s only 15. I wanted to make certain that he loved me and not driven by hormonal instinct. While waiting for him to ripen, I befriended him. We then became more than employer and employee. We’re good friends.

When John turned 18, I gave him the most beautiful gift that a man could ever give to his lover. We made love that night and I took his virginity. It was the most passionate sex ever, and beautiful as well. At that moment, we officially became lovers. I loved John and he loved me back. Sadly, we had to hide our love from the townspeople.

Father Phelps is our unofficial town leader as well as law enforcer. I suspect he’s a Puritan as Norcross is governed by a strict set of Biblical rules. It’s like living in the medieval era since executions happen occasionally. Six months ago, a murderer was hanged. Two months ago, a man who slept with another man’s wife was beheaded. I never thought I would be the next person to lose his head.

I blame all of this on Mary, John’s wife. I was making love to John one night in the stable. Then, all of a sudden, we’re surrounded by an angry mob led by Phelps. He kept telling me how Jesus hates fags and how we’re going to be burnt in Hell forever simply because John and I love each other. I’m not a religious man, I admit it. But this horrible experience suddenly makes me stop believing in Jesus altogether. If Jesus really hates fags, just like Father Phelps said, I don’t need Jesus! Why should I pray to a god who hates me?

Other than losing my faith in religion, I’ve also lost John. The day when Phelps caught me, John betrayed me. He accused me of raping him just to save himself from the execution. I did want him to be saved. But not like that… Not by betraying me… Our love…

So here I am, alone in this dingy cell as I wait for my execution. I know there’s no way I can escape my fate. I don’t think I can ever forgive the townspeople for executing me. I can already feel myself being consumed by my hatred towards them. I swear, I will return to haunt them. I can only wish that death comes to me swiftly and painlessly…

I’m not sure if my letter will survive or not. But I hope one day someone can help clear my name, that I’m not an immoral sinner. I’m not a rapist… I’m just the victim of persecution…. Victim of betrayal…

I can’t imagine how it’d feel to be executed simply because you love a member of your own sex. But with the discovery of Carleton’s document, the world will now know the truth about his story.

Bleak Woods

Bleak Woods is my self-published debut M/M erotica novel – released in February 2013 – which tells about Neal Lucas who is stranded in a creepy forest, only to discover that he may lose his head if he refuses to help the Headless Horseman of Norcross. In his quest, he meets some hot men and discovers gruesome facts about the specter. This supernatural mystery erotica ends with twist ending. If you like unpredictable plots and are not afraid of steamy details, you must read Bleak Woods. It has 64,000+ words and costs only $5.99.

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