Meet Borden Callahan From Bleak Woods

Bleak Woods - Neal LucasFor today’s interview, I’m interviewing Borden Callahan. He is a wood chopper and he lives not far from the haunted forest known as Bleak Woods. We’re currently standing right in front of his cabin which faces the forest itself. Borden, I’m glad you could join us today.

Borden: Likewise. Thanks for having me, although I’m not really sure why you want to interview me. I’m just an ordinary woodchopper. I have no interesting tales to tell.

Well, I’m sure it’s not entirely true. After all, you do live near Bleak Woods. Rumor has it that it’s haunted by the Headless Horseman of Norcross. I’m just curious, have you ever met or seen the specter?

Borden: Of course not. No one survives from encountering the headless horseman. If you meet him, you will lose your head.

Then how do you know it’s true if no one survives to tell the story?

Borden: (Borden paused for a while) I don’t know. But that’s the story we’ve come to believe for hundreds of years as it’s told from generation to generation. There are no local people who are willing to risk their lives by stepping into that forest.

Anyone ever trespassed into the forest?

Borden: Yeah… Many times actually… But none of them were local. They’re all tourists. And no one ever got out. They’re simply gone without trace.

What about the police? Did they ever come here to investigate?

Borden: Sure, some local cops appeared but they too were afraid to venture in, especially after a peculiar case in 1984. I was only a kid back then. If I’m not mistaken, it was regarding the disappearance of a man named Rudolph Smith. It happened that one of the victim’s friends was an FBI agent. Therefore, his friend was determined to find him. Several FBI agents and a bunch of cops were sent in but none returned. In the end, that agent somehow called off the search altogether and marked Bleak Woods as an off-limit area. Many people questioned his decision at that time, but the case eventually died down.

You’re a wood chopper, so where do you chop your wood then?

Borden: I never go into Bleak Woods for woods, if that’s what you’re meaning to ask. I circle the forest to the other side to get my wood. It’s a long journey and it takes a whole day. That’s why I built this cabin in the middle of my route. With this cabin, I have a place to sleep and it shortens my daily route.

And how do you sell your wood?

Borden: I sell it in the town of course. I’m sure you came from there. Whenever I’ve accumulated enough wood, I bring it to the town with a cart.

With a cart? So do you own a horse? Or a mule perhaps?

Borden: Nah, I don’t use any animals on my cart. I simply wheel it to the town. The route is very easy because the path is downward. So why would I need an animal for my cart?

Alright, let’s talk about love life…

Borden: I don’t have a boyfriend if that’s what you’re gonna ask.

A boyfriend? So, does everyone know you’re gay?

Borden: No one knows. Look. My town is small and is still governed by old Christian laws. It’s nothing like Saudi Arabia or something from the Inquisition where you can die for being gay… but gays are not welcome there. For example, Mr. Morris, the inn-keeper, likes telling his customers not to be gay or they will lose their heads like Charles Carleton and become the headless horseman. And that’s just plain silly. I mean, the only reason why Carleton eventually turned into a vengeful spirit was because he was executed under Christian… or shall I say the Leviticus law. Logically, without Christian homophobia, there would be no headless horseman!

Can I safely assume that you don’t like religion?

Borden: Well, I don’t like religions. I’m an atheist in fact. Do you have any problem with atheists?

No, I don’t. But I want to know, since when do you become an atheist? I assume you’re raised as a Christian?

Borden: I’m not sure since when… but when I reached puberty and was told that being gay was sinful, that’s when I started having negative feelings towards religion.

What about your relationship with your parents? I assume they’re both homophobic as well?

Borden: My mom died during childbirth. So, Dad raised me up all by himself. He’s a woodchopper and also a carpenter. In fact, I learned the art of carpentry from him. We built this cabin together. It was good time… As a son, I do love my dad. But he often preaches to me that I’ll go to Hell one day for being gay. I mean, how can a father say such a poisonous thing to his own son? It just adds to my grudge towards religions. So, let’s just say that my relation with my dad is very complicated. (Borden looked sad for a while).

So, I assume that your father is the only person who knows you’re gay?

Borden: Yes, that’s correct. And he’s also the only person to know that I’m an atheist. Technically, you’re the second person to know that.

Well, I promise I won’t out you to the townspeople. Well, I’m sure none of them will be interested to read my gay blog anyway. So, your secret is safe. (I smiled). Anyway, just out of curiosity, do you ever have sex? I mean, from the way you described your town, it sounded impossible for you to channel out your desire with another man.

Borden: Not often, that’s for sure. But our town regularly receives a steady number of tourists every year. Most of them come to see Bleak Woods. One or two tourists may turn out to be gay (Borden winked).

So how do you see yourself in 10 ten years ahead?

Borden: I’m just a simple man living a simple life. I’m pretty sure that in ten years ahead, or even thirty, I’ll be still a woodchopper. Well, as long as the headless horseman hasn’t got to me first (Borden chuckled).

Alright, it’s time for what-if question. If you’re stranded on a deserted island, name three things you couldn’t live without?

Borden: (Borden chuckled a bit) That’s a tough question. Let’s see. First, I can’t live without my axe. I certainly will need it on a deserted island, right? You know, to build shelter and chop woods. Second thing is food supply. And the third thing will be a pile of my porn magazines.

Porn magazines?

Borden: In a way, porn magazines are my sex buddies. I really can’t live without them. I use mail order to have them delivered discreetly. I don’t have many, though. By the way, before the interview you told me you’re a gay erotica writer, right?

Yes, I am. Why?

Borden: Do you think you could print out some of your erotic stories for me? (Borden grinned). I need some new reading materials.

Sure, why not? I’ll have them delivered later. I’m also planning to re-write my free series as commercial novellas. One of them is Timeless – Titanic Chapter. When it’s done, I can send you a copy as well.

Borden: Thanks. That’ll be awesome.

Well, thank you for your time, Borden. I’ll let you go back to your work then (I looked at Borden’s axe in his hand).

Bleak Woods

Bleak Woods is my self-published debut M/M erotica novel – released in February 2013 – which tells about Neal Lucas who is stranded in a creepy forest, only to discover that he may lose his head if he refuses to help the Headless Horseman of Norcross. In his quest, he meets some hot men and discovers gruesome facts about the specter. This supernatural mystery erotica ends with twist ending. If you like unpredictable plots and are not afraid of steamy details, you must read Bleak Woods. It has 64,000+ words and costs only $5.99.

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