Google Sandbox almost reaches its second anniversary. Ironically, only a few weeks ago, I learned the bitter poignant fact, that has been sandboxed (read: imprisoned) by Google all this time!  For those who are not SEO-savvy, you may ask what is sandbox. I’ll explain a bit.

Sandbox is a kind of punishment meted out to websites which are stamped as spammers. Those websites have sinned against Google’s guidelines and tried to manipulate their way to rank one in Google search.  If a website gets sandboxed, it will show less in Google search. Thus, resulting in significantly lower visitors.

So, what’s’s sin? None other than accidental duplicate content. Yes, having two or more exact websites with same content is a cardinal sin according to Google. In fact, if your website has a copy of an online article, that can also earn you an exclusive right to stay in Google’s prison for indefinite time! (although some insist it’s just a myth) Scary? Of course it is! Low visitors can lead to a website’s death.

You may ask why I duplicated my content. Well, I did it for BACKUP. If my main website is down, I can redirect visitors to my backup website which has the same exact content. In the past, I have tasted the bitterness of having my website erased again and again by homophobic and erotic-phobic web hosts. That’s why I set up a backup website. How should I know that a backup website is a big sin in Google’s eyes?!

At the moment, I’m rewording all my content to differentiate from the backup one. Later, I will erase my backup website, along with all my blog posts and other accidentally duplicated content.

“Thanks” Google for ruining my website. You’ve done a banged up job in separating genuine spammers and those who only try to backup their website!


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