Adam And Steve

Title : Adam and Steve
Written by : Hector Himeros
Edited by : Richard Earl (4/6/12)
Cover model  : Nick Ford – Man Avenue
Words : 13,063 words
Scene : M/M, sci-fi, oral, anal
Character #1 : Adam – 38 yo – cut – Caucasian man – straight – top
Character #2 : Steve – 30 yo – cut – Caucasian man – bi – bottom

A scoutship, occupied by two men, crashlanded into a habitable planet. Fortunately, both of them, Adam and Steve, were not seriously injured. Because they needed food, Steve decided to explore the new planet. Not far from the crash site, he found some red fruits hanging down from some trees. Steve ate one and immediately got horny. Apparently, it was an aphrodisiac fruit. When Steve brought the fruit back, Adam took a bite. Suddenly, they found themselves attracted to each other, although both claimed to be straight.


“Ah, fuck! My body aches all over,” Steve groaned, lying inside the wreckage of what used to be a small spaceship. Its interior was in such a mess. The windows were cracked severely, the metal walls were dented, and the control panel was burned. Being able to survive such a crash was truly a miracle. “Ah, my body! It aches so much. Fuck!” Steve whined, regaining his consciousness. As his mind began to work, he suddenly remembered about his comrade, Adam. “Adam! Are you OK? Where are you?” After looking around in panic, he finally saw Adam lying unconscious not far from his current position. “Adam, are you alright? Talk to me, Adam,” he asked worriedly. To his dismay, he received no response. Hurriedly, he fumbled with the safety belt to free himself. It required some struggle in order to escape from the broken seat belt, but Steve finally made it. After crawling through the cramped space, he quickly pulled Adam out. Only having some bruises, the 38 year old man was still unconscious. His athletic body was limp and powerless. “Ah, Adam! Don’t give up on me, yet. I’m gonna save you, buddy,” he whimpered as he exerted all his strength. The emergency door quickly opened after Steve punched a button. With a great effort, he pulled Adam’s body out of the wreckage. As soon as his feet stepped on the green grasses, heaving heavily, Steve dropped onto his knees. Looking around, he had no idea where they both were stranded. But the planet looked inhabitable, much like the one where they came from. “At least, we’re both alive,” Steve sighed, looking down at Adam.

Steve and Adam came from a technologically advanced planet. Back there, they were elite members of a military organization. Both men were often assigned to scout the distant galaxies in order to discover new habitable planets for colonization. But unfortunately, their current mission failed as their scout ship crashed. To make things worse, the communication device was also destroyed during the accident. Thus, Steve and Adam were cut off from the civilized world that they once knew.

As far as Steve’s eyes could see, there were only trees and grass fields. The morning sun shone weakly, hidden by clouds. A layer of thick mist surrounded the place, blocking Steve’s sight. Yet, his ears picked up the faint sound of running water. And he knew that a river was nearby. Carefully, Steve dragged Adam’s body in the direction of the sound. It did not take long for them to get to the river bank. Steve looked relieved, knowing that they would have enough of a supply of clean water. The sound of the running water was somewhat relaxing, and, for a moment, Steve forgot about the hardship that he just faced. Gently, he laid Adam’s body on the grassy ground. Kneeling next to his comrade’s body, Steve carefully wiped the dirt away from Adam’s face.

‘Adam is indeed a very handsome man and he is only 8 years older than I am,’ he thought as he gingerly wiped his friend’s face. ‘I always like seeing his dirty blond hair. That hair color sure fits his face.’ Basically, Steve was a straight man. But lately, he noticed his own infatuation towards Adam after spending so much time working with the man. ‘Nah, I’m not gay. I just like Adam,’ he convinced himself that he was still straight. At one point, Steve realized that he needed a damp cloth to properly clean Adam’s face. Unfortunately, there was no rag that he could use. Without any hesitation, Steve took off his own shirt. Showing no embarrassment, he proudly displayed his bare torso. Being in the military, Steve underwent a lot of physical exercises that kept his body in good shape. With the strength of his hands, he tore the shirt apart. After tearing off a piece of cloth, he quickly dipped it into the water and wrung it out. Ever so gingerly, he placed the damp cloth on Adam’s face and wiped the dirt off his face. ‘Yeah, Adam is handsome alright. Now that his face is clean, I have to get him out of the uniform so that he can breathe more freely.’

After putting the damp cloth away, Steve reached over to Adam’s uniform. Easily, he unbuttoned the dark-colored shirt and exposed Adam’s athletic chest. For several seconds, Steve froze as he caught a glimpse at Adam’s bare torso. He could not stop staring at Adam’s erect nipples. Suddenly, coming from seemingly no where, there was a strong urge to touch those quarter-sized nipples. ‘Adam’s nipples… Indeed, I have seen Adam’s bare chest before but I’ve never touched it. I wonder what it feels like to touch his nipples.’ Yet, Steve managed to fight the temptation and turned away. ‘Fuck! What was I going to do? I’m not gay.’ Wiping Adam’s bare chest would obviously not be an easy task. Steve’s hand continued to shudder from the indescribable lust. The hand moved up and down as it followed the contour of Adam’s pectoral muscles. ‘I don’t think I can restrain myself anymore. Adam’s body is too sexy. I’m drawn to it. Oh, I just want to touch his chest with my bare hand to know what it’s like.’ But just as he was about to give in to the temptation, he was surprised to see Adam open his eyelids.

“Oh, where am I?” Adam asked, squinting. As he tried to move his limbs, he noticed that his entire body was aching. When he noticed that he was no longer in the space ship, he knew that something bad had occurred. Turning to the side, he was relieved to see Steve. “Steve, what happened to our space ship? Did it crash?” It took Adam several minutes to hear Steve’s explanation about what happened. From the look of Adam’s face, he seemed very troubled. “So I guess we’re stuck here. You do realize that we might be trapped here for the rest of our lives, don’t you? I mean if our communication device is dead.” Not getting any response from Steve, Adam knew that Steve was as troubled as he was. “Ouch!” Adam groaned again as he pulled himself up to sit. The shirt fell off his body, leaving his bare torso exposed. Adam’s eyes quickly spotted Steve’s torn shirt and the damp cloth that Steve was holding. “Thanks, Steve,” Adam said, smiling weakly.

“It’s OK. I did it coz you’re my friend. That’s what friends do,” Steve replied, smiling awkwardly. Turning his face away, Steve tried to hide his awkwardness. His hand was still shuddering from nervousness, because minutes ago it almost touched Adam’s nipples. “Listen, I’m gonna find us some fruit. Our food supply got smashed during the crash. You stay here. I’ll be back.” After getting a nod from Adam, Steve quickly set off to gather some edible fruit. ‘What got into me earlier? I mean, why the hell did I want to grope Adam’s chest? Am I gay?’

For several minutes, he walked around without any clear direction because his vision was blocked by the thick mist. Yet, to his amazement, Steve later found rows of trees before his eyes. Standing under one of them, he looked up at the branches. Then, he spotted several red fruits hanging down. ‘They looked very juicy. I wonder what they are?’ he asked himself with amazement. Reaching a hand up, he picked one of those fruits. His eyes showing hunger, Steve quickly brought the fruit to his mouth and took a bite. A loud noise was heard as his teeth sank into the juicy fruit. ‘This red fruit tastes like the apple. It’s very juicy.’ Still feeling hungry, he picked up another fruit and kept eating until he was satisfied. But as he gulped down the last bite, he noticed a weird change within himself. ‘Suddenly, I feel very horny. What’s happening to me? My cock is hardening against my will. Oh, shit! This damned fruit must have an aphrodisiac effect.’

As Steve became sexually aroused, he grew more aware of details of his surroundings. Even the gentle breeze caressing his body was stimulating his entire nerve system. ‘Oh, I can clearly feel the breeze blowing against my bare chest. It’s turning me on. Fuck!’ Immediately, Steve’s brown nipples hardened, responding to the stimulation. ‘Shit! My nipples got hard,’ he cursed, placing a palm across his chest. Carefully, he rubbed the hardening nipples in a circular motion, hoping to ease the muscular tension. But the more he rubbed his nipples, the harder his manhood became. ‘Oh fuck! I’m getting hornier. I shouldn’t have touched my nipples. They are quite sensitive.’ Reaching a hand down, he massaged the erection through his trousers. ‘I haven’t jacked off for days. I guess, I have no choice but to milk it. I do have a lot of cum inside my heavy hanging balls. I could go nuts if I don’t cum.’

Standing under the thick branches, Steve massaged his dick several times. ‘Oh, it feels so good to squeeze my hard-on. It’s so hard,’ he whispered to himself as he closed his eyes. Inside the dark colored trousers, Steve’s circumcised manhood expanded and created a visible bulge. When his dick head touched the fabric, he could not help moaning. With a slight gasp, the horny man finally managed to drop his trousers down. An erect cut cock sprang out, its warm head hitting Steve’s groin, as it was freed from its confinement. The purplish mushroom-shaped head was dry, no oozing precum yet. Faintly, the musky odor, combination of piss and precum smells, emanated from the throbbing dick. ‘Indeed, I haven’t jacked off for several days. But during my sexual abstinence, I kept leaking so much precum. Ah, finally, I can milk my dick. I’m really horny beyond words. I think I can shoot in a minute. Oh yeah!’

Closing his eyes, he tried to imagine the sexiest image that he could conjure. As a straight man, he of course pictured a girl in his mind. But strangely, he could not remember clearly how a girl looked. ‘Oh, fuck! All I can think of is Adam. Adam makes me hard. I’m horny for him. Fuck! Am I gay?’ Another image of Adam entered his mind, but, this time, Adam was stark naked. Obviously, Steve had no difficulty in conjuring the image because he had often seen Adam naked in the shower. Yet, Steve could not figure out why he suddenly became so obsessive about Adam’s naked body. ‘I’m so horny for Adam. What is happening to me? Am I a fag? No, I’m not queer! I simply appreciate the male physique, but I’m not gay!’ But his hardening dick seemed to have its own mind. The more Steve tried to resist the homosexual urge, the hornier he grew. “Shit!” Steve groaned with so much frustration. ‘This can’t be happening. I’m turning gay.’ Not being able to restrain his own lust, Steve gave his manhood a hard squeeze. Then, a pearly liquid forced its way out of the narrow slit. “Fuck!” Steve groaned, his naked body shuddering. “I can’t help it. I’m getting hornier. Ah! I have to empty my balls. Oh! I have to fuck!” Knowing that he could not fight his carnal desire, Steve surrendered himself to the man-to-man desire.

The image of a naked Adam looked so real, as if Steve could reach out his hand and touch Adam’s bare body. “Adam, I’m so horny for you. Damn! I wish you were here. I need to fuck!” Gripping his dick shaft tightly, Steve managed to wring out a drop of precum. The fluid oozed out and then hung down from the cock tip for several seconds. ‘I’m so fucking horny! I must have sex and cum. I don’t care if I have to do it with Adam. Ah, there’s so much lust trapped inside me. And my precum is welling up in my balls. Fuck!” Franticly, Steve began stroking himself, hoping that he could ease the urge to have sex. To enhance the sexual stimulation, he fingered his nipples. “Oh yeah!” he groaned as his fingers touched one of his nipples. The nipple was semi-hard, but upon being touched, it grew erect. “Oh, my nipples! Ah!” Steve moaned with delight. Throwing his head back, he could feel his whole body shuddering. ‘I want sex. I need to cum. Oh! I will die if I don’t spurt out my cum. My balls feel so heavy and loaded. I have to cum now!’ Furiously, his fist was jacking the shaft up and down, spreading the precum evenly across his dick head. There was an expression of slight pain on his handsome face. Obviously, the furious stroking had irritated the sensitive surface of the dick head.

Not worrying about chafing his own dick, Steve continued to stroke it up and down. His hand movement turned into a blur owing to the speed. The friction between his fist and the precum-coated cock produced a series of faint sounds. Embracing his newly found sexual identity, Steve imagined himself fucking Adam’s ass. To his surprise, he did enjoy the homosexual fantasy in his perverted mind. ‘Ah! Adam, I wish I could fuck you now and release my pent-up cream. I’m so fucking horny. Ah yeah!’ Another wave of pleasure washed down Steve’s body. Groaning more loudly, he sensed another drop of precum dripping out. “Yeah, I’m precumming again! Oh! My balls are so full.” The clear liquid immediately lubed up the cock head, protecting it from the abusive stroking. “Adam! Ah! I want you. I need to fuck you,” he gasped, closing his eyes again. All he could see in his mind was Adam’s naked body again. And it fueled up his desire even more.

The other hand continued to caress his meaty torso, following the contours of Steve’s athletic body. As the arms did their work, the biceps bulged. Gradually, Steve’s torso became damp as his body heated up. Tiny drops of sweat emerged from the tiny body pores. With a single swipe, he dried his sweaty chest. “Oh fuck!” he groaned when his palm brushed the two hardening nipples. Steve’s nipples were indeed quite sensitive; a slight touch could drive him crazy with lust. The soft hair growing around the brown nipples stood up slightly as Steve’s pecs contracted. Intentionally, he kept rubbing his nipples because it hardened the erection of his dick. ‘Fuck! I hope there’s a tight hole for me to fuck. I really want to dump my load. Ah, fuck! I want to cum in Adam’s tight ass!’

The musky smell of precum emanated strongly from Steve’s dick. The fluid coated the whole length, turning the shaft slippery to the touch. Steve’s hand was steadily sliding up and down with no trouble. ‘I don’t think I can hold it any longer. I’m just too horny. Damn! I can feel my cum churn inside my balls. I’m leaking badly.’ When the dick throbbed again, precum rushed out of the piss slit. Steve deliberately touched the shiny dick head and gave it a rub. The rubbing made his body buck because his dick head was really sensitive. ‘Ah! Fuck yeah! I’m gonna cum! Oh!’ The early signs of ejaculation started to show up. Steve’s heart beat faster and his meaty pecs heaved up and down. As Steve kept touching his nipples, he noticed that there was an increase in their sensitivity. “Fuck! I’m really close,” he groaned, his body writhing. Drops of perspiration beaded up his shirtless body. Those drops rolled down and merged with one another to create larger drops before falling onto the ground. ‘Adam, I really wish I had your ass now to help me relieve myself from this sexual heat. Oh! I’ve never been so horny in my entire life. I want sex so much. I want to cum. Oh!’

The image of Adam in Steve’s mind became more real. He saw Adam inside his head as if Adam was standing before him. After releasing his nipple, Steve extended his arm to touch Adam’s imaginary pecs. “Adam, I want to have sex with u. Fuck! I think I’m gonna cum!” Amazed by his own vivid imagination, Steve felt as if he had just touched his friend’s bare torso. “Oh!” Steve gasped, finding it hard to believe that touching a man’s body could bring so much pleasure. “Adam, ah! I’m gonna shoot my cum. I’m so horny for you. Oh fuck!” Without getting tired, Steve’s fist still stroked his cock. Yet, it was getting harder to get a good grip because the cock was very slimy. Slightly, the dick head swelled, looking as if it was growing larger. At the same time, as the muscles in Steve’s cock contracted, his hanging balls were slightly pulled up. Everything happened so fast that Steve failed to realize that he was about to blow his load. “Oh fuck! My cock! Ah! I’m cumming! Adam, fuck!” His head falling back, Steve howled into the blue sky above him as the orgasm racked his helpless naked body. “I’m cumming! Oh yeah! Fuck!”

Every muscle within his body grew taut, flexing hard. “Fucking shit! My cum is shooting out from my dick! Oh!” he cried, thrusting his hips forward. Milky gooey liquid jetted out and landed a few inches away from Steve’s feet. The second cum shot soon followed, although it was slightly weaker in intensity compared to the first shot. Each ejaculation was accompanied by Steve’s loud moan. Needless to say, he enjoyed his orgasm very much. Although it came from masturbation, it was far better than any orgasm that he had ever experienced. “Yeah! I’m cumming! Oh!” His loud voice, turning hoarse, resounded through the woods. Convulsing, his body almost lost its balance. With one hand, Steve quickly grabbed the tree trunk for support. Meanwhile, the cock in his other hand was being milked mercilessly. “Oh! Fuck yeah! Fuck!” he cursed again. While the muscles contracted, they made his body look slightly bigger. Each of his muscular contractions brought him extreme pleasure. Incessantly, Steve growled out with his orgasm. Repeatedly, his dick expelled its load until the ejaculation gradually died down. In seconds, the powerful shots turned into dribbles until finally nothing came out of Steve’s cock slit. Panting for breath, Steve finally released his cum-covered dick. ‘That was an awesome orgasm. And it happened when I was thinking about Adam. It would be great if I could have sex with him for real.’

While wiping the sweat off his torso, Steve looked up and saw the red fruits hanging above his head. ‘I believe that the ‘apple’ is some kind of aphrodisiac. If it got me horny and turned me gay right after I ate it, I’m sure that it will have the same effect on Adam.’ Reaching up, he picked several apples for Adam. “Yeah, these should do the trick,’ he thought, holding them in his arm. Without thinking about picking up his trousers, Steve proceeded to find his way out of the woods. Showing no shame at all, he was walking around naked. Apparently, the horny effect from the red fruit that he ate had not completely worn off. As he walked, his cum-coated dick swayed about. After shooting its pent-up load, Steve’s dick turned limp. But gradually, his manhood hardened again as it swayed. ‘Fuck! I’m hard again!’ Steve whined in his mind. The sexual urge to fuck his comrade, again, took over his mind.


“Steve, you’re back,” Adam said as he heard rustling sound behind him. The man had indeed regained his strength after resting. Sitting by the bank of the river, Adam’s hair looked shiny as the morning sun rays touched his cropped brown hair. Wanting to get comfortable, Adam chose to leave his chest bare. Upon noticing the sound of Steve’s foot steps, Adam turned his head around to greet his friend. “Steve, you’re naked! Where are your trousers?” Adam asked, surprised to see Steve’s nakedness. It was not his first time to see Steve’s naked body, but he did not understand why Steve would show no embarrassment walking around naked. Yet, Steve’s nakedness was not the only thing that surprised Adam. Adam also noticed how hard Steve’s manhood was. “Steve, you’re sporting a hard-on. And your dick head is wet with cum. What happened? Don’t tell me that you just masturbated,” he said, laughing like a horny school boy.

“My trousers were torn apart by thorny plants. I decided to throw my trousers away because they were not worth being worn anymore. Then I got horny and decided to jack off. You know that I haven’t ejaculated in days. It felt great to be able to release my pent-up cum,” he explained, not bothering to cover his nakedness. At the same time, inevitably Steve’s eyes were fixed on Adam’s shirtless torso. The erotic sight sent electric-like pulses to Steve’s manhood. Having no embarrassment, he proudly let his fuck rod throb before Adam’s curious eyes. “By the way, I found these fruits. I figured you might be hungry.’ Squatting down, he picked one and offered it to Adam. “Here, eat this. You’ll love it. It tastes much like the apple from our world.” While talking, Steve secretly ogled Adam’s pecs. ‘Yeah, take this fruit, Adam. Eat it,’ he thought, breathing deeply. ‘This apple will change you. You’ll be gay. I need you to be a horny faggot so that I can fuck your ass. Oh, Adam. You can’t imagine how much I want to shove my cock into your ass.’

Without any suspicion, Adam accepted the apple. The sound of the apple crunching echoed as Adam bit the apple. As he gulped down the first bite, he began to notice something different within him. “What’s happening to me? Why is my body turning hot all of a sudden?” As he gave it another bite, the aphrodisiac effect of the apple grew stronger. “I’m not only hot. But I also feel horny. Steve, what’s happening to me?” he asked, looking into Steve’s eyes. Yet, another strange thing took place. As their eyes met, Adam felt as if a weak jolt of electricity struck his body. At the same moment, his whole body tingled with indescribable desire. Out of the blue, the so-called straight man realized how handsome Steve was. “Oh, Steve,” Adam gasped, not knowing why he was attracted to another man. Adam then forgot about the apple, dropping it. All he could think about was Steve, the thoughts filled his mind. “Steve, I never realized how handsome you are. And your body…” He paused for a moment, taking his time to scan

Steve’s naked body from head to toe. He gulped down his saliva as he observed the sexy contours of Steve’s chest. “Your pecs look so manly. I would love to squeeze them.,” he said, almost whispering. Slowly, a lump formed inside Adam’s trousers, pushing against the fabric. “Oh!” Adam moaned when his cut dick head made contact with the fabric of his trousers.

“Yeah, you want me? You want to have sex with me? I know you want that,” Steve replied, his eyes showing his lust. In his squatting position, each time Steve’s dick throbbed, its slimy head hit Steve’s navel. The surface of his stomach turned gooey, coated by his previously ejaculated cum. “I want you, Adam. I know that you must be very horny right now. I’m gonna satisfy your lust.” Like a hungry tiger, Steve leapt forward and pushed Adam’s body onto the ground. “Oh, Adam, you make me so horny,” Steve gasped as he pinned Adam’s body down on the grass field. “I want to see you naked. Take off those trousers and have sex with me, Adam. Ah yeah!” Lustfully, he placed his lips over Adam’s and let his instincts take over. Steve had never kissed a man before. Yet, he showed no awkwardness at all as he devoured Adam’s lips. As he expected, Adam reciprocated his kiss with equal lust. Steve’s warm breath was blown against Adam’s face, coming out of Steve’s nostrils. As he was kissing Adam, he slid his hands down and grabbed Adam’s trousers. Rapidly, he undid them. “Let your lust take over your body and mind. Surrender yourself to the lust, Adam. Yeah, it feels great, doesn’t it?” Changing his position, Steve straddled Adam’s body and carefully lowered his ass down onto Adam’s chiseled abdomen. After giving Adam a naughty grin, he slowly massaged Adam’s broad pecs.

Seized by the unfamiliar desire, Adam groaned with so much pleasure as he let Steve grope his body. Adam’s mind was in a daze as he found a new kind of sexual pleasure. Like Steve, Adam had not masturbated for several days. The accumulated cum inside his balls created a pressure. Adam could barely control himself when the lust overpowered him. “Fuck, yeah! You do look hot, Steve. Yes, I do want you,” he slurred deliriously, not really knowing what he just said. Both of his hands encircled Steve’s naked body in order to hold it securely. Lying on his back, he observed the curves of Steve’s torso as Steve sat on top of him. Possessively, Adam roamed Steve’s body to feel the athletic muscles. “You’re very sexy, Steve. I never knew that you could turn me on like this. Ah!” Kicking about, Adam easily shucked off his trousers and revealed his aching manhood. Adam’s rock-hard dick jumped out and hit Steve’s ass. “Oh fuck!” Adam groaned just as his exposed dick head came in contact with Steve’s fleshy ass.

Spontaneously, Adam placed his palm on Steve’s right pec and squeezed it hard. His strong callused hand knew exactly the location of Steve’s erogenous zones. Each time he caressed Steve’s pecs, he managed to make Steve groan. “Yeah, Steve, you’re very desirable. I want to fuck your ass, baby. I want to push my hard cock into your warm tight asshole.” After saying that, he grabbed Steve’s ass buns and kneaded them. “Yeah! I love squeezing your ass. Ah yeah! I want to fuck your ass.”

Knowing about Adam’s intention to fuck his ass, Steve reconsidered what he wanted. One of them obviously had to give up his ass to be penetrated for the first time. A part of Steve did want to top Adam. But then again, he was curious about how it felt to get fucked by a man. “You want to fuck my ass, huh? So be it,” Steve said, looking into Adam’s beautiful brown eyes. All of a sudden, Steve growled loudly when he felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart. Thus, Steve’s tight virgin ass hole was exposed. When the breeze came to caress it, the hole twitched. “Fuck! Adam, ah!” Running his hands over Adam’s meaty torso, Steve then decided to surrender his ass to his manly friend. ‘If Adam really wants to fuck my ass, I will give it up. After all, I’ve never gotten fucked before. So, I look forward to experiencing it. Adam is sexually frustrated because he hasn’t come for several days. It must be great to let him fuck my ass with so much pent-up lust.’ Getting in a more intimate position, Steve laid his body on top Adam’s. Their naked athletic bodies pressed against each other; nipples to nipples, skin to skin, cock to cock. “Adam, I’m so horny for you! If you want to fuck my ass, then fuck it. I’m all yours,” he moaned before delivering a passionate kiss.

Yet, Adam had other things on his mind, before getting to the fucking part. “Before I fuck your ass, I want you to excite my body first. Lick and wet my muscular torso with your tongue. Worship it so that I know how much you want me. Lick it all the way down till you meet my dick. I’m sure you know what to do when your mouth reaches my dick, right?” Before letting Steve go, Adam pulled his friend closer to him so that he could reach Steve’s lips with his. Being a great kisser, Adam left Steve breathless. Locking his lips to Steve’s, he forced his tongue into Steve’s mouth. Hungrily, the tongue was licking the inner part of Steve’s mouth, searching for Steve’s tongue. When it found what it looked for, it wrestled with Steve’s tongue for a while. Saliva was exchanged, flowing in and out between both mouths. “Lick my body, Steve. Make my cock harder,” he gasped as the kiss broke. Some drool hung onto Adam’s lips, dampening them.

Getting on all fours, Steve positioned himself in order to get more comfortable. Steve’s heart pounded furiously as he laid his tongue on Adam’s broad torso. Only inches away from Adam’s smooth chest, Steve’s nose picked up the faint fragrance of Adam’s cologne. Inhaling it, he took the aroma into his lungs. “Oh, Adam, I love how you smell. It’s so damn sexy. Ah yeah! I’m getting horny. I’m gonna make you moan, Adam.” The tongue then began to sweep across the shirtless chest. It seemed that Steve had done a great job because Adam could not stop groaning. Being military personnel, Steve appreciated masculinity and muscles. His tongue following the hard contours of Adam’s chest, leaving trails of wet saliva. ‘Adam’s chest is such a beauty. It’s the perfect example of a manly man’s chest. I would love to lick Adam’s chest for hours. Ah, Adam, I’m gonna make you cum. I wonder how he will react if I tongue his nipples. Men love it when their nipples are licked and sucked.’ With that, he steered his tongue to Adam’s left nipple.

Adam’s nipples were erect because they were being stimulated by the morning breeze. Around the brown aureole, there was no nipple hair at all. Not having time to admire the nipple, Steve hurriedly swirled his tongue over it. Simultaneously, he was rewarded with Adam’s loud groan. Knowing that he had done the right thing, Steve kept stimulating the nipple. Gently, he swept his tongue around the nipple before he pushed his tongue towards the center. Louder erotic groans came out of Adam’s quivering mouth. While licking the nipple, Steve used his hand to fondle the other nipple gently. Slowly, he increased his strength and the rubbing turned into light pinches. Relentlessly, Steve was stimulating both of Adam’s nipples. Adam’s moan was music to Steve’s ears. ‘Yeah, groan for me, Adam. I know how much you like your nipples being stimulated. Oh, I’m licking one nipple and pinching the other. Yeah, I love your nipples!’

“Fuck yeah! Oh, Steve! You do know how to please a man. Oh fuck! Where did you learn that? Ah yeah! Suck my nipple!” Adam was surprised at how talented Steve’s mouth was. Flinching uncontrollably, Adam grasped Steve’s shoulders. When the stimulation was overwhelming, he squeezed Steve’s shoulders as hard as he could. “Ah, fuck!” Adam yelped for the umpteenth time. ‘Steve really knows how to make me moan. I should have had sex with him a long time ago. Ah! He is sucking my nipple like a pro. Is Steve gay? Am I gay, too? Fuck! I don’t care if we’re both gay. I love the sensations he’s giving me. More!’ His head thrashing, Adam ran a hand through Steve’s cropped hair. The prickly hair was dampened by the overflowing sweat, drops of sweat dripping down. Moaning into the sky, Adam gripped his friend’s head and pressed it down against his torso. “Suck it harder, Steve. Yeah, suck my nipple. I know you want it. Oh, suck it with all your might. Yeah, you suck so fantastically.” Rudely, he pushed Steve’s head away and directed it to the other nipple. “Suck the other nipple, too. Wet it thoroughly with your tongue, boy.” Despite the fact that Steve was an adult, Adam deliberately called him ‘boy’ to emphasize his superiority over Steve. “Suck my nipple, boy. Ah!”

Without any protest, Steve meekly let Adam control his head. Opening his mouth wide, Steve took Adam’s nipple into his mouth and enveloped it with his lips. The tongue swept back and forth across the surface of the nipple and coated it with saliva. Steve also sucked the protruding object as he pursed his lips. Occasionally, muffled moans were heard coming from Steve’s sealed mouth. His voice vibrating through Adam’s nipple, giving it additional stimulation. As Steve heard Adam’s groan, he knew that he had done well in inciting Adam’s lust. ‘Be horny for me, Adam. I want to have sex with you. Fuck! My own cock is so hard now, oh! It’s leaking so much precum.’ Not being able to withstand his own horniness, Steve used one hand to jerk his dick several times. Deliberately, he gave Adam’s nipple a light bite. But as soon as he did that, Adam screamed and bucked his body so hard that he almost threw Steve off. Yet, Steve held onto Adam’s naked body and maintained his suction.

“Steve! Fuck! I never got sucked like that. You’re a great cock sucker, boy! Yeah! Keep sucking my dick! Don’t stop. Fuck yes!” Adam yelled, grabbing a handful of Steve’s damp hair. Yet, there was not much to grab because Steve’s hair was too short. His hair easily escaped Adam’s tightening grip. “Oh! Fuck yeah!” Adam moaned again, as his nipple being sucked was tingling with so much pleasure. The pleasure was so overwhelming that it almost felt like pain. “Steve, ah! Keep sucking my nipple. Yeah, bite it gently. Oh! That’s what I’m talking about! You have a talented mouth and I love it! Yeah, suck my nipple!” The sensation coursed down his body, waking every nerve in his body. Adam’s entire body came to life as if it was acting of its own will. “Steve, oh! My body is shuddering. I’m so fucking turned on by your licking and sucking.” True to his word, he found his dick throbbing hard against Steve’s abdomen. Its shiny head brushed Steve’s smooth stomach, smearing it with precum.

Bending his body over, Steve felt Adam’s slimy dick pressing against his stomach. The throbbing dick rested in the center of Steve’s six pack. Although Steve’s body was not as muscular as Adam’s, Steve had faint traces of a six pack. When the cock rubbed Steve’s stomach up and down, it brought pleasure to both men. Drops of sweat, oozing from the pores, started to dampen their nude bodies. Minutes later, Adam’s and Steve’s bodies glistened with excessive drops of perspiration. Upon seeing Adam’s sweaty body, Steve lustfully clawed at Adam’s broad pecs. His blunt nails left faint reddish scratch marks around Adam’s pecs. Lying there helplessly, Adam made a series of loud gasps, especially when Steve’s nails scratched his nipples! Inevitably, he bucked his body like a mad bull. However, Adam liked the rough treatment; he could feel the increased level of his sexual desire. His slimy man pole continued to excessively produce precum which immediately added an additional slimy layer around the shaft. Moaning incoherently, he encouraged Steve to move downward and greet his slimy manhood.

“Do you want me to suck your dick?” Steve asked rhetorically after releasing Adam’s nipple. The answer that he received was a deep sigh, but it was enough to say yes. Steve’s heart pounded because he had never put another man’s dick into his mouth. For a moment, nervousness seized his mind, but it did not hinder him from climbing down his friend’s athletic body. “Ah, your body is quite athletic, Adam. You are more muscular than I am. It makes me so horny just by feeling the hardness of your muscles with my hands.” Adam’s slimy dick head maintained a physical contact with Steve’s body, leaving a wet trail of precum as Steve moved downward. “Oh! I love your hard dick, Adam. And I love how it feels to have your slimy dick brush my naked body.” Steve gasped as he focused his mind and felt Adam’s dick head. ‘Damn! That dick makes me so hot. I want to suck it. It must taste good.’ The naked hunk knelt by Adam’s legs and his eyes were fixed on Adam’s throbbing male member. “I want to suck your dick, Adam. It looks so big and juicy. Oh, I want it in my mouth.” Just by laying his eyes on Adam’s beautiful fuck rod, Steve had a sudden urge to suck it now. With determination, he dove down and snatched Adam’s dick with his mouth.

“Fuck, Steve! Oh!” Adam groaned upon feeling Steve’s warm and wet mouth. The stud’s body flinched as Steve began to suck his dick. “Oh! Suck my dick, Steve. I love it. Steve, suck me. Ah! Your tongue is playing with my sensitive dick head. Ah, Steve! Lick my dick! Yeah! This is the best blow job I’ve ever had.” The muscles around the groin area tightened as the nerves reacted to the powerful suction. Looking up at the cloudy sky, Adam surrendered his body to Steve’s hungry mouth. Whenever Steve’s tongue caressed the sensitive knob, Adam’s body jerked almost uncontrollably. “Fuck, Steve! Yeah, keep sucking my dick! Oh! Don’t stop! Yeah, lick the underside, too. Yeah, that’s it! Suck it hard, boy! Oh!” Adam’s meaty pecs pumped up and down as a drop of sweat rolled down them. At times, Adam arched his back when the sensation that he received was almost unbearable. “Fuck you, Steve! Oh! You’ve made me so horny. I could fuck you now and shoot my hot cum up your ass. Ah yeah!” Helplessly, the man tried to buck his hips so that he could plant his dick deep into Steve’s sucking mouth. “Steve, ah yeah! Steve! I want you so much, baby! Yes!”

‘Get horny for me, Adam. I want you to long for my body till you can’t take it any longer. I want you to screw my ass. I want you to vent out all your pent-up desire. Let me have that dick up my ass,’ Steve thought as he concentrated his suction on Adam’s manhood. Although it was his first time ever to suck a man’s manhood, guided by instinct, he did it quite well. As Steve had his first taste of a man’s precum, he could not find the right words to describe it. Giving a man a blow job, for Steve, was something erotic and satisfying. The more he licked Adam’s dick, the more precum he received. Steve’s tongue wiped the shiny cock head carefully, making sure that no part was left unexplored. While producing loud slurping noises, the flexible tongue gently wrapped itself around the fat dick head up and down. Whenever Adam’s cock throbbed, slimy precum flowed out of the piss slit. Eagerly, Steve licked up the heavenly fluid, cleaning the slit in the process. ‘Mmm… It tastes so good. I won’t mind licking his dick for hours. Oh, I simply love the taste of his precum.’ While enjoying the cock, Steve took a glance at Adam’s facial expression. Steve also caught a glimpse of Adam’s broad pecs which were covered in a thick layer of sweat. Reaching forward, Steve touched Adam’s heaving chest and wiped the sweat drops off. Upon feeling the masculine chest with his hand, Steve felt his dick throb harder.

“That’s it, Steve. Suck my dick, oh! I’m so horny. Fuck, Steve! Oh, shit!” At that point, Adam already looked like a sex-crazed man. Both of his eyes were staring wildly at Steve’s bobbing head. His chest flexed as it received the warmth from Steve’s palm. Obviously, he enjoyed the presence of Steve’s hand on his chest. “Steve! You’ve made me too horny! Oh! I don’t think I can hold it for long. Ah!” Staring lustfully, he frantically imagined how it would feel if he could stick his engorged manhood up Steve’s tight ass. “I want your ass now. Give it to me, Steve,” he demanded, trying to sit up. But Steve’s strong hand pressed Adam’s torso down, forcing Adam to stay down. The older hunk could only groan with desperation as the lust within him grew more unbearable. “Don’t make me wait. I want to fuck your ass now, Steve. Oh! Let me fuck it. Ah! I want to shoot my cum now. Please!” Clearly, Steve had other things on his mind because he did not want Adam to get up yet. “Fuck!” Adam groaned again, sounding rather angrily.

‘Adam has to cum in my mouth. I want to taste his cock juice. The apple somehow amplifies our sexual desire, so I know for sure that even after he cums, he will still have the strength to fuck my ass. Thus, no matter how many times we cum, we will still be horny as long as the aphrodisiac effect hasn’t worn off yet.’ Steve continued to suck his manly friend’s dick without pausing. At that point, Steve’s mouth had been flooded with copious amounts of Adam’s salty precum. It seemed as if the fluid would never stop leaking. Steve’s dick experienced the same thing, too. Precum continued to drip from his hardening meat. It ran down his shaft and immediately dampened Steve’s crotch, giving off its musky odor. “Oh, fuck!” Steve’s moan was muffled, one hand milking his own raging hard-on. Persistently, Steve applied more strength to his suction, thus giving more intense stimulation to Adam’s delicious meat. ‘I’m gonna make you spill out your seed, Adam. I want to drink your manly essence. I want your cum! The tongue swept the underside of Adam’s shiny dick head, picking up any of the slimy remains of precum.

“Shit! You’re driving me crazy, Steve! Oh! I must cum! But, damn, I also want to fuck your ass. I don’t want to cum before I fuck your ass. Let go of my dick, Steve. Fuck! You’re gonna make me cum! Oh, Steve!” Adam groaned, desperately trying to stop the suction. “Steve! I don’t want to cum, yet! Ah, stop it, you horny slut! Oh!” Wildly, Adam bucked his body. Yet, no matter how hard he tried to shake Steve’s mouth off his dick, he accidentally pushed himself closer to the orgasmic brink. “Shit! I’m gonna cum! Fuck!” Adam yelled, recognizing the symptoms of impending ejaculation. Flailing on the grassy ground, the naked athletic stud was flopping around like a fish out of water. The beating rhythm of his heart suddenly increased. At the same time, Adam had breathing problem. It took a lot of effort for him to fill his lungs with air. “I’m so close to cumming, fuck!” he cried, his abdomen contracting. The washboard-like muscles in his stomach tightened several times. More sweat escaped the pores to dampen

Adam’s body. Soon afterwards, Adam’s body went rigid. His entire body shuddered uncontrollably, putting on an erotic show for Steve. “Fuck! I’m cumming, Steve! I’m shooting my cum for you! Oh, take it! Drink my cum! Ah!” Arching his back, Adam finally let his cum loose. “I’m cumming! Oh, shit!” he cried, his mouth gaping open. The dick, all of a sudden, erupted in Steve’s sucking mouth. “Oh fuck! Drink my cock juice, Steve! Take it all down your throat!”

Accompanied by Adam’s loud growl, shots of thick gooey cum jetted out. When the first load forced its way out from Adam’s piss slit, it splattered the back of Steve’s throat. Thirstily, the younger man gulped it down with delight. His Adam’s apple was bobbing up and down as the cum made its way down the throat. But before Steve could finish gulping it down, he received another cum load. Again and again, Adam’s dick furiously unloaded its load. Like a torrent, the thick man cream filled up Steve’s mouth. Some drops of cum even seeped out of the corners of Steve’s mouth. From the look of Steve’s face, he very much enjoyed tasting every drop of Adam’s cum. While sucking in the overflowing cum, Steve also utilized his hand to provide better stimulation for Adam. Steve’s fingers were rubbing Adam’s chiseled chest, tweaking the nipples occasionally. Responding to the stimulation, Adam’s body bucked violently to release its desire. For several seconds, Adam’s orgasmic yell filled the air. His dick continued to spurt out its juice until finally there was nothing left to shoot. A long satisfied sigh from Adam ended the ejaculation. His body shuddered slightly as it recuperated. But Steve still persistently sucked the slimy dick until it turned completely limp.

“I love tasting your cum, Adam,” Steve said, releasing Adam’s flaccid dick. Steve’s lips were coated with Adam’s cum, but he quickly licked up the fluid. Crawling up, Steve positioned himself on top of Adam’s body. When his face leveled with Adam’s, he lowered down his body until his nipples touched Adam’s. Steve was contented as he felt Adam’s body flinch as the result of the nipple rubbing. Embracing his friend’s naked body, he laid a kiss on Adam’s lips. Steve’s engorged circumcised dick poked Adam’s groin and left trails of precum there. When Steve’s exposed knob touched Adam’s skin, Steve whimpered with great delight. “Oh! My dick is throbbing hard for you, Adam,” he said as the kiss broke. Staring into Adam’s beautiful brown eyes, he added, “Actually, I wanted to fuck your ass. But I don’t mind it if you want to fuck my ass first. And, yeah, I know that you still want to do it because I can feel your excitement.” Lasciviously, Steve rubbed his naked body against Adam’s. “I’m warming up your body, preparing it for our next fuck. You’re gonna fuck my ass, Adam.”

Lying on his back, Adam could hardly feel the prickly grass and pebbles on the ground. The previous orgasm had drained most of his energy. Yet, he soon felt strangely refreshed as the aphrodisiac effect kicked in. Usually Adam had to rest for at least an hour before he could get into another session of sex. But the aphrodisiac effect from the red fruit recharged Adam’s energy in minutes and  his desire to fuck also returned. “Yes, I do want to fuck your ass, Steve,” Adam gasped, whimpering a bit. Gradually, his limp dick hardened and lengthened. “You’re such a horny man and I like it. Oh, Steve, you’re really very handsome. Your athletic body is arousing. I just can’t help but get horny when I lay my eyes on your naked body,” he said, pulling himself to sit up. Without showing any hesitation, Adam reached out his hand and brought it to Steve’s warm fleshy pecs. “Your chest feels so good. I love touching your bare chest, Steve.” Adam’s hand cupped the left pec and squeezed it lightly to feel its texture.

At the same time, he touched Steve’s erect nipple. Needless to say, Steve loved what Adam did to him. “Yeah, that’s it. Moan for me, Steve. Show me how lustful you are. Let me know how much you want my cock coz I’m gonna fuck your ass. I’m gonna make you mine.” Adam continued to explore Steve’s chest as he placed the other hand on the right pec. With two hands on Steve’s pecs, Adam satisfied his homosexual desire by kneading them repeatedly. First, he did it gently. But later, he applied more strength, leaving some reddish marks on the bare chest. It seemed that Adam received so much pleasure from hearing Steve’s groans. “Yeah, keep groaning, Steve. Show me your lust. Oh yeah, I do want you, Steve. I wanna fuck your ass.”

“Adam! Oh! I want you, too. Ah!” Steve grunted, staring at Adam’s handsome face. “I’m so fucking horny! Adam, I want to get fucked now. Ah! Let’s fuck now. I wanna try your dick,” he said, breathing hard. Steve’s erect dick throbbed as Steve imagined Adam’s hard dick shoving itself into his ass. “I can’t hold it any longer. I have to have sex. Fuck me now, Adam.” From the sound of his voice, Steve was certainly more than eager to lose his anal virginity. ‘Fuck! I’m really horny for Adam. I don’t care if my ass will hurt. I just want to have his dick inside of me. I want Adam’s dick!’ Lustfully, he threw his head back as he moaned. Uncontrollably, Steve’s naked body shivered again. Without realizing it, he had just contracted his ass hole, making it twitch. Another loud growl resounded as his chest was being massaged by Adam. “Oh, Adam! Fuck my ass now! Take it now. Plunge your big hard dick into my ass! Please, Adam” Steve begged, panting for breath. He groaned again as he felt Adam’s hands move towards his ass. “Oh yeah! Squeeze my ass, Adam! Yeah! Squeeze those buns. They’re sexy, aren’t they? Ah!” Like a slut, Steve kept moaning, his body writhing erotically.

“Oh, you do have a firm ass. I love squeezing it,” Adam announced, his face showing so much lust. Despite the fact that he had never touched another man’s body sexually, he knew exactly where to touch. It was as if he had done it many times before. “It must feel so good to fuck this firm ass!” Adam gasped again, applying more strength to his grip. ‘Steve’s ass is driving me crazy! I want so much to fuck it! Steve is too handsome, too sexy, and too arousing,’ he thought, noticing that his dick had started to drool. It was an obvious sign that he could not restrain his man-to-man desire. Ruthlessly, Adam pulled the ass cheeks apart. From his current position, he could not see the stretched ass hole, but he imagined that it looked good. “I’m gonna stretch your fuck hole with my finger first. I’m gonna loosen it up for my big cock.” A finger rested on Steve’s anal opening, waiting for the right moment to penetrate it. “Open up for me, Steve.” Then, without any hesitation, Adam pushed the finger in. Without lube, the penetration was quite difficult, but the finger slowly crawled in. “Take my finger up your ass, Steve. It’s not my dick, yet. You should be able to take it.” After worming its way in, the finger finally lodged itself deep inside Steve’s rectum. “Ah! Your ass is very tight and warm. I really can’t imagine what it would be like if it had been my dick in there. Ah, Steve!” Adam moaned, maintaining eye contact with Steve. “Do you like it, huh? Do you like having my finger up your ass, huh? Yeah, you want it. I know you do.”

“Yeah!” That was the only word that Steve could say. As Adam’s finger slid in, it brought both pain and pleasure. Steve could not describe how he felt, but he definitely enjoyed it. “Oh yeah! Yes, Adam! I like it! Oh! Fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck it! Ah!” he whimpered, trying to keep his body balanced. Yet, Steve could not stop his body from shuddering, nor could he control his feet and hands. “Oh! Adam! Fuck me now! Yeah, my ass! Ah yes!” he cried deliriously, leaning towards Adam. When Adam’s finger began to plow the ass, Steve’s face showed both pain and rapture. “Fuck! Finger my ass. Oh! It feels so damn good, Adam! Oh! Fuck my ass! Finger it! Adam, yes!” Through Steve’s eyes, it seemed that the whole world was spinning. Each time the finger forced its way in, it applied pressure to Steve’s ass. As the pressure grew, Steve found it hard to breathe. “Ah, fuck! Fuck my ass, Adam! Oh!” Steve’s upper body rested on top of Adam’s torso, but as their nipples met, Steve flinched. “Ah fuck! Oh! Adam I’m so fucking horny!”

“I’m horny for you, too, Steve,” Adam replied, turning Steve’s head around so that he could give Steve a naughty grin. Without asking for Steve’s approval, he quickly snatched Steve’s lips with his and passionately kissed Steve. The kiss was rather sloppy; Adam’s tongue sweeping the interior of Steve’s mouth. But the kiss did not last long because Adam’s engorged dick started to ache. “Fuck!” he cursed, “I should have fucked your ass a long time ago. I have missed a lot of exciting things with you, Steve. I’m gonna take your virginity. Yeah, feel my finger in your ass, Steve. I’m preparing it for my dick. Moan more loudly for me. I like to hear my fuck partner groan as I fuck his ass mercilessly. Yeah!” Adam’s finger was moving in and out with increasing speed. The fuck chute having been somewhat loosened up, Steve’s ass lips gripped Adam’s finger as if it didn’t want it to escape. “Take my finger up your ass, Steve! Yeah, take it! I’m fucking your ass. Oh!”

Whimpering, Steve tried to get used to the anal pain. It hurt but he liked it. While laying his head on Adam’s right shoulder, Steve faintly smelled the manly aroma which emanated from Adam’s body. It was definitely not body odor. Steve did not know what it was, but it smelled so erotic. Burying his face on Adam’s upper torso, Steve inhaled the manly aroma and let it take over his body and soul. “Adam, I want you to fuck my ass with your dick. I want you to push that throbbing meat into me. I want us to be one. Fuck my ass now, Adam. Make me yours. Cum inside me. I need you to breed me.” Again, Steve’s ass hole twitched. Steve’s ass hole unwillingly let the finger be withdrawn. “Oh, shit!” Steve moaned as his tight ass hole fought to keep the finger inside. Yet, he was disappointed as the finger slowly slid out. “Ah!” Steve moaned again. Instantly, Steve felt an inexplicable emptiness.

“Your ass is unimaginably tight,” Adam gasped, running a hand down Steve’s back. “I’m gonna enjoy fucking you,” he added as he lay down on his back. “What are you waiting for? I know that you want my dick. Sit on it and fuck yourself. Yeah, show me how much you want my big fucking dick.” His eyes stared into Steve’s, challenging them. “So, are you up for it? Come on, don’t be shy. Sit on my cock. Fuck yourself,” Adam repeated his sentences, deliberately shaking his towering erection. Thinking about how tight Steve’s ass was, Adam could not help oozing out a stream of precum. His exposed dick head was throbbing vigorously, coated with a layer of precum. Adam’s eyes moved down to Steve’s torso, enjoying the masculine view before him. Steve’s nipples sure looked very inviting. Not being able to restrain his desire, Adam extended a hand and touched Steve’s bulging pecs. Lightly, he rubbed the nipple’s pointy end. Immediately, Steve whimpered, his athletic body writhing. “Yeah, you’re such a slut, Steve. You want to fuck yourself on my hard-on, right? I want to fuck your ass so much,” Adam gasped, giving the nipple a light pinch.

Showing no hesitation, Steve positioned his ass above Adam’s leaking erection. The sexy younger hunk slowly brought it down until it touched the tip of Adam’s slimy rod. “Ah!” he gasped, deliberately brushing his ass buns against the eager male member. “It feels good to feel your cock on my ass, Adam. It’s so manly and so sexy. Oh!” Grabbing his own rod, Steve stroked it to maintain the erection. Looking at Adam’s handsome face, he commented, “It’s such a big dick.” The size did not daunt him. On the contrary, it spurred Steve on to try it. Adam’s dick throbbed impatiently, waiting for its turn to penetrate Steve’s ass. ‘Adam’s dick is indeed big. I guess it has to be at least 9 inches in length. It’s thick, too. When that dick entered my mouth, it nearly ripped my mouth apart. But, I’m determined to fuck myself with that fucker.’ Being strong willed, Steve started to push his ass down. ‘This dick is gonna fuck my ass. I don’t care if it’s gonna hurt. I want that dick!’

Widening his eyes, Adam watched impatiently. “Come on. Fuck yourself on my dick. Don’t make me wait. I wanna fuck your ass now. Look, my dick is aching for your tight warm ass.” Since Steve’s body faced Adam, Adam got an unobstructed view of Steve’s frontal nudity. Reaching for Steve’s hard cock, he teased the hunk to get him excited. ‘I want so much to push my dick inside his ass. Actually, I don’t know why but suddenly I have this great urge to fuck Steve’s ass. He just looks very sexy and arousing. I have to breed him with my sperm.’ Adam held Steve’s manhood more tightly, trying to squeeze out some precum. Some of the liquid was coating the shaft thoroughly, it had already glued itself to Adam’s palm. “Yeah, that’s it, Steve. Lift your hips and sit on my dick. I want your ass, now!” Not having fucked any men before, Adam could not describe the excitement that he experienced as Steve’s ass crack pressed down onto Adam’s dick. “Fuck! Yeah, let my dick pierce your ass and rip it open. Yeah!”

His muscular chest expanded, Steve felt his heart beating like a war drum. The growing sexual excitement got his head spinning. “I can feel your dick head on my ass hole, Adam. Yeah! I know it’s gonna tear my ass open. But I’m ready! I’m gonna sit on your dick, Adam. Ah!” Closing his eyes, Steve focused his concentration to relax his sphincter. And, ever so gingerly, Steve brought his weight down on Adam’s fuck pole. “Oh, fuck! Your dick head is forcing in. I can feel it. Oh!” That warm dick head felt quite wet, owing to the oozing precum that coated it. But the precum served as an effective lube. Wiggling his ass, Steve gently sat down on that dick and let its head penetrate his ass hole. “Ah! Fuck!” Steve gasped, wincing. Even though his handsome face showed an expression of pain, he was in such bliss. With his courage, Steve continued to lower his ass down onto that penetrating manhood. To his surprise, the penetration went quite well. Adam’s dick managed to stretch Steve’s ass hole almost without any difficulty. “Your cock is slipping in, Adam! Oh! It feels so damn good! Ah, Adam! Ah!” Steve cried deliriously. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed every second of the anal penetration.

“Ah!” Adam grunted, finding it hard to believe that fucking a man was so very pleasurable. Wanting to take the more active part, Adam lifted his hips to meet Steve’s ass hole. “Take my cock, Steve! Oh! Fucking take it!” he grunted, his eyeballs rolling upward. Easily, Adam’s rock-hard dick crawled into Steve’s rectum because precum had heavily coated Adam’s dick head. Not to mention, there was still some mess from the previous ejaculation. Pushing upward, the cock planted its head further in. Steve’s tight ass lips gripped hard around the dick head. “My dick head is in. Your ass feels so damn warm, Steve. Ah yeah! I’m gonna fuck you!” Excitedly, Adam watched Steve force himself to push his ass downward. “Sit on my dick. Fuck yourself. I love seeing your facial expression. I know it hurts but you like it, don’t you?” Smirking, Adam lifted his hips up and buried the rest of his shaft. At the same time, Steve pushed his body down. Thus, the entire length of Adam’s cock was lodged firmly inside Steve’s warm ass.

“Ah! You’ve taken my whole dick up your ass, Steve! Yeah, feel it. Feel my hardness in you. Oh, Steve!”

Apparently, Steve, too, could hardly bear the ecstasy that shot through his body. Adam’s dick certainly brought some pain, yet it also brought pleasure. Steve’s tight ass hole was being stretched wide to accommodate the thick shaft. “Oh, fuck! I have your dick in me. All of it! Shit! It hurts.” Not planning to give up, he was determined to get himself fucked till both of them spurted their male essence. In spite of the anal pain, Steve’s erect dick throbbed relentlessly. “Ah!” he gasped suddenly. And at that precise moment, a drop of pearly liquid rolled out of his dick slit. “Yeah, I’m fucking myself. Oh!” he breathed, his legs starting to get sore. “Ah!” he winced as he slowly lifted his ass up. Unwillingly, Steve’s ass hole let go of that dick. There were some itches inside his rectum that only Adam’s dick could reach. “Oh! Fuck!” Steve groaned just as he felt Adam’s dick head almost pop out. For a second, Steve’s knees shuddered. Slowly, he brought himself down. “Ah!” And the anal pain was renewed.

“Fuck yeah! I feel your tight ass hole milking my dick head again. Ah!” Adam groaned, his eyes closing. That was the tightest hole that his dick had ever gotten into, ever. “Yeah, baby! Fuck yourself. Oh! Don’t stop. Let me enter you. I want more of your hot ass. Yes!” Squirming, he tried to bore into Steve’s deepest area. It felt so warm inside, and rather damp. “Fucking a mans ass feels so good. Ah! I want to fuck you for hours. I’m horny for you, Steve! Ah!” he praised, panting noisily. “I can also feel the silky texture of your ass walls. I want to brush my dick head against your fuck canal. Oh fuck! Take my dick!” The pleasure of anal sex keeping him captivated, Adam lay there and let Steve do all the work. “Fuck yourself. Oh! Fuck your ass, yes! I love your fucking hot ass, Steve!” Adam was soon overwhelmed by sexual pleasure which he had never felt before. As the rapture grew, beads of sweat dampened Adam’s entire naked body. Moaning, he watched Steve’s body bouncing up and down. “Oh! Fuck yourself harder, Steve. Yeah! Show me that you do want my dick. Ah!”

His head spinning, Steve admitted that he really enjoyed the fuck. Adam’s big slimy dick head drilled in and out as Steve lowered and lifted his own body. “Your dick is so big and is tearing my ass apart! Oh! And I love it!” Steve groaned, looking at Adam’s sweaty face. “I love your dick. It’s so great fucking my ass. Your big cock head is rubbing my bowels. It feels so fucking good! Yeah!” Warm breaths came out of his nostrils. Heaving up and down, Steve’s broad chest was coated with a glistening layer of sweat. “Fuck my ass, Adam! Fuck me hard! Ah!” Steve encouraged his friend. Minutes went by and Steve had grown accustomed to being fucked by a man. Moaning with wild abandon, Steve let Adam’s drooling cock fuck him. “Ah! Shit! Oh!” Steve groaned, letting his head fall back. When the dick slid in deeper, Steve’s body shuddered beyond his control. “Oh! Your dick hit something inside me,” Steve grunted, flinching a bit.

“You’re such a slut, Steve,” Adam gasped, reaching out his hand. “And I love fucking your ass. My dick is throbbing inside your tight ass. I keep precumming for you. Oh, I can imagine what your insides look like. My slimy precum is coating your ass walls. Oh yeah!” Taking hold of one of Steve’s pecs again, he cupped it tightly. “Yeah, nice pecs, Steve. Oh!” Deliberately, Adam rubbed Steve’s erect nipple with his callused palm. “Groan for me. Yeah! Fuck yourself. Steve, you’re so fucking arousing. Ah!” The other hand was then used to rub his own torso. “Ah, fuck!” Adam grunted as his hand brushed his own nipple. Instantly, his sturdy frame shook. Another groan came from Adam’s mouth when Steve sat down and pushed Adam’s dick all the way into the rectum. Both of Adam’s hands were dampened by the overflowing sweat drops that beaded up their naked bodies. “Sit down on my cock. Fuck, yeah! Oh, Steve!”

Steve’s rectum actively tried to expel Adam’s fat dick. The contraction of the bowels created uncomfortable sensations. But Steve took no notice of it and kept sliding up and down Adam’s dick. His powerful leg muscles flexed as Steve continued to screw himself. “I love your dick, Adam! Oh! Its big fat mushroom head is brushing my bowels. Oh! Fuck! Adam, yeah! Oh!” Steve slurred deliriously. Swaying, Steve’s hard dick begged to be stroked. Its head was shiny, coated with leaking precum. Adam moved his hand down to grab Steve’s erect wet dick. “Oh, Adam! It feels so good. Squeeze my cock shaft. Stroke it. Ah! I’m so horny, Adam.” Responding to Adam’s stroking, Steve’s dick throbbed excitedly in Adam’s hand. Another drop of precum came from the cock slit. “Adam! Ah! Your hand! Oh!” Steve slurred, his body shuddering. The younger hunk had to lean forward and placed both of his hands on Adam’s torso in order to support his bouncing body. But upon touching Adam’s pectoral muscles, Steve grew hornier. “Ah!” he cried when more precum was wrung out from his dick.

“Yeah, you’re very horny, huh? Your dick is as hard as steel,” Adam commented, grinning lewdly at his handsome friend. It was hard to get a good grip on that slimy dick, but Adam only needed to give some light strokes which were strong enough to excite Steve’s dick. “Oh, Steve! Fuck yeah! Your tight ass hole is milking my dick. I can cum and flood your entire ass, you know?” The sex atmosphere was so strong that Adam began to lose the clarity of his mind. At some point, he started to feel as if he was being raped by Steve. Adam could only lie there helplessly and let Steve used his dick. “Fuck! Steve, ah! My dick is leaking. I can even feel my own precum in your ass.” True to his words, precum had already flooded Steve’s rectum. The slippery liquid even seeped out from Steve’s puffy ass hole, dripping onto Adam’s crotch. “Steve! Oh! Come on, fuck yourself harder. Make me cum. I wanna breed you, yeah!”

“Adam, oh! I’m fucking myself as hard as I can. It feels so fucking great. I love being fucked. Oh!” Steve groaned, his head thrashing. Sweat had saturated his short hair so much that drops of sweat were splattered everywhere. “I want your cock, Adam. Ah! I want your cum, too. Breed me, stud. Make me yours. Ah, Adam! Impregnate me with your manly seed. Fuck, Adam! Oh! Your dick is ravaging my ass but I love it.” For several minutes, Steve continued to talk dirty. Every word that he said managed to stir Adam’s lust. ‘I know that Adam won’t be able to hold his cum for much longer. He’s about to shoot. His cum will flood my stretched ass. I’m gonna be bred by a sexy man’s cum!” His perverted mind pictured how his ass would look when that mighty dick spurted out its thick load. “Ah!” Steve gasped at that horny image. ‘Fuck! Even I can’t hold on for much longer. Ah!’

‘Steve looks so handsome when he wears no clothes at all. Although I am enjoying the fuck, I can’t stand it anymore. I simply have to cum. I love to cum. And I want to breed Steve’s ass with my manly seed. Yeah, maybe if I make him cum first, he can trigger my orgasm,” Adam thought, watching the changes of Steve’s facial expressions. The constant bouncing movement from Steve had also shook Adam’s body. Each time Steve laid his weight on top of Adam’s body, Adam groaned because of the pressure that enveloped his dick. Gasping for breath, Adam utilized his free hand to grope Steve’s sweaty torso. “It feels so good to feel your pecs, Steve. And I love your tiny yet hard nipples.” Intentionally, Adam rubbed his fingers around one of Steve’s nipples. Immediately, Steve produced a low growl. “So, you like it when a man touches your nipples, huh? Do you want me to touch them? Sure you want to, right?” Without waiting for Steve’s answer, Adam roughly fingered the nipple. He was contented as he heard Steve’s growl get louder. “Yeah, groan for me, stud. Oh yeah!” Adam’s other hand was still milking Steve’s leaking dick.

Erotic groans echoing, Steve could only think about the great sex that he was having. He certainly knew that he would soon shoot out his cream. Still, he put up the effort to resist the urge to ejaculate. “Ah, Adam! Fuck! I’m gonna cum. I can’t hold it! Adam!” Steve’s ass was constantly bombarded by Adam’s relentless dick despite the fact that it was Steve who did the fucking. Adam’s hands also kept stroking Steve’s cock and fondling the nipples. “Shit! Adam! Oh yeah!” Steve rested his palms on Adam’s impressive torso and kept pressing it while his ass pumped Adam’s dick. “Yeah! Fuck me, Adam! Oh! Fuck yeah!” Steve slurred, eagerly fucking himself. Loud slapping noises echoed whenever he brought his body down and made contact with Adam’s crotch.

‘Fuck! Steve has made me so horny. I’ve never been as horny as this in my entire life. This is just too fucking cool.’ Adam thought. “Steve, cum for me, man. Let me see you squirt your cum. Shoot it all over my muscular naked body. Yeah, you want to unload, right? Then let it rip, Steve. Cum now!” he gasped, urging his friend to unleash his orgasm. In order to help Steve cum, Adam deliberately twisted one of Steve’s nipples. Immediately, Steve yelped painfully. “Ah!” Adam gasped at the tightening grip on his own torso. ‘Steve is squeezing my chest hard. His palms are brushing my nipples.’ Thus, Adam too, could not help flinching. “Steve, you’re touching my chest. Ah! I’m about to cum.” Indeed, ejaculation was only seconds away for both men. However, Adam still showed signs of struggle for he wanted to be the last one to cum. Groaning incoherently, he showed a painful-like expression, but what he really felt then was pure pleasure. “Steve, fuck you! I want you to cum first. Come on, boy. Cum for me now!” he yelled, stroking Steve’s dick harder. Noticing the increasing amount of cum that seeped out of Steve’s dick slit, Adam smiled to himself. ‘Steve is going to cum first. I can feel it. His ass hole suddenly grew tighter and his moans get louder. He does look ready to cum. I’m gonna give him a boost.’ Mercilessly, Adam gave Steve’s nipple another passionate twist.

“Fuck!” Steve cursed, his eyes widening. And the shattering climax finally arrived. Steve was powerless to stop it; he simply erupted. “I’m cumming, Adam! I’m cumming!” he yelled frantically as he lost control over his body. Sitting on Adam’s leaking dick, Steve let it fill his rectum while he emptied his balls. “Fuck me, Adam! Fuck!” Shot after shot of thick gooey man cream jetted out of the slit. The first ones were quite powerful, reaching Adam’s mouth! But the rest grew weaker and turned into dribbles. “Yes! Oh, Adam, milk my dick!” Fuck yeah!” The orgasm was so strong that Steve’s entire body shook uncontrollably. The muscles within his robust body contracted. “Adam, I’m cumming! Oh, fuck!” Steve gasped, out of breath. Sweat rushed down his body, almost like running water.

Without thinking, Adam licked his cum-coated lips. It was his first time ever tasting another man’s cum but he liked it. ‘Damn! Steve’s cum tastes so good,’ he thought, stroking Steve’s dick with increased speed. “Yeah, fucking shoot your cum out for me, Steve. That’s it. Shoot it,” Adam said, encouraging his friend. But simultaneously, Adam felt that he, too, was close to cumming. “Shit!” he gasped when his dick head wormed its way in Steve’s hot abused ass. At that point, Steve had stopped fucking himself. Thus, Adam took the initiative to continue the fuck. ‘Damn! His ass hole is massaging my shaft as I fuck it. I think I’m gonna cum soon. Fuck, ah!’ Everything happened so fast that neither realized what happened. The next thing Adam knew, he lost control over his own dick. “Fuck, Steve! I’m cumming up your ass! I’m breeding you!” he yelled, letting his friend know. And then, Adam erupted. The veins in Adam’s neck strained so hard that they were more visible than usual. Soon afterwards, Adam’s body went rigid and shuddered violently. “Fuck, Steve! Take my cum! Take it all! Ah!”

“Fuck, yeah! That was great,” Steve sighed after he stopped ejaculating. The last drop of his cum slipped out of his slightly gaping dick slit. Seeing that Adam was about to ejaculate, Steve gave some dirty words of encouragement. “Cum in my ass. Breed me, Adam. I’m yours to fuck. Yeah, shoot it. Flood my ass with your sperm. Cum for me, Adam! Cum!” Wincing, he clearly felt the rough fucking up his ass. Adam’s dick fucked the ass so rigorously that it almost tore the ass open. Its thick shaft was drilling in and out, making Steve squirm. “Fuck, Adam! Your cock is hurting me. Oh!” But needless to say, the anal pain felt so damn good. Steve had to hold onto Adam’s torso to keep himself steady with the rocking. “Adam! Ah!” Steve’s limp dick was swaying from side to side, expelling the remains of its ejaculation. Rocking back and forth, Steve’s body was manhandled rudely by Adam’s strong hands.

“Take it, Steve! I’m breeding you with my cum. Yeah! Oh!” Adam growled deliriously. His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. His grip around Steve’s sweaty waist grew tighter although it was somewhat hard to get a firm grip. By lifting and lowering Steve’s ass, Adam used it to jack his dick inside Steve’s ass. Adam’s biceps flexed hard as they exerted their strength to lift up Steve’s body. “Steve, fuck! Oh!” Adam growled, his upper body writhing. Securely lodged, Adam’s erect dick began to spurt its load. Accompanied by Adam’s deafening growl, the cum quickly flooded Steve’s ass. Apparently, some of that fluid managed to get away from Steve’s abused ass. It flowed down Adam’s shaft and wet the crotch area. For several seconds, Adam continued to buck his body while he fucked Steve’s ass. But then everything came to a halt; the orgasm was finally over. “Oh yeah! Ah!” Adam gasped, his strong chest pumping up and down. As he released Steve’s body, he gave a final shudder.

Giving out a soft sigh of satisfaction, Steve gently pulled himself up. But somehow, Steve’s ass did not want to let Adam’s cock go as it gripped the shaft securely. But as Steve stood up, Adam’s dick slid out quite easily and almost without any resistance. “Ah!” Steve moaned, feeling a horrible emptiness inside himself. Tiredly, he rolled onto the ground and lay next to Adam. For several minutes, no words were spoken. Both naked men just lay there, catching their breath. Lovingly, Steve rolled to his side and faced his friend. “You’re a great fucker, Adam. I love it. Thanks,” he whispered, placing a hand on Adam’s sweaty torso. With great care, Steve wiped away all the remaining sweat drops. As his palm rubbed the broad meaty pecs, he felt the faint beating of Adam’s heart.

With a smile on his face, Adam turned his head to Steve and gazed into Steve’s eyes. “I never thought that gay sex could be so pleasurable. I sure want to do it again, with you.” Silence cut off their conversation for a minute, before Adam asked an unexpected question. “Steve, we’re gonna be stranded on this uninhabited planet, maybe forever. So, I’m wondering, do you want to be my lover?” Reaching out a hand, he held Steve’s hand and squeezed it. “I asked you from my heart, not because of the aphrodisiac effect of that red fruit. There’s a chance that we may not be able to get away from this planet. But I don’t regret it, as long as I have you by my side. So, what do you say?”

Steve was pleasantly surprised by the question, but it did not take him long to say “Yes, Adam. I want to be your boyfriend. I love you.” Gently, he laid a kiss on Adam’s lips to show him how he felt. “But what if we’re indeed stranded here forever? Is it going to be just the two of us?” Steve asked curiously, still holding Adam’s hand. “We may need several other men to help us build things. I mean, we can’t live like two wild apes.”

“We can use the cloning machine. I’m sure it survived the crash. We can use our cells to create more humans. Hopefully, we can live a little bit more civilized than apes,” Adam replied, half laughing. Rubbing Steve’s smooth cheek with the back of his hand, Adam continued, “Oh, Steve, perhaps crashing into this planet is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me because it made me realize how much I want you.” Again, a kiss landed on Steve’s mouth. “By the way, I think we should name this place like our beloved city, Edenia. Does Eden sound good?”

“Yeah, Eden sounds good. I like it,” Steve said, bringing himself closer to Adam. Clinging onto Adam, he laid his head against Adam’s sweaty torso. “So, I guess that we’re the first humans in Eden: Adam and Steve.” Looking up, Steve found that his newly-found lover had just fallen asleep from exhaustion. ‘Oh, Adam looks so cute when he’s asleep,’ Steve thought, letting drowsiness take over his mind. Shamelessly, those naked men cuddled each other under the open sky as the sun shone warmly above Eden. There was nothing more enjoyable than lying under the blue sky with a lover. Feeling secure within Adam’s strong arms, Steve knew that whenever he got horny, Adam would be there for him. “I love you, Adam,” he mumbled silently as the morning breeze blew against their bodies. “And I love this planet, too. Eden is my home now.”



  • Ran across your newly posted to Nifty, “Adam and Steve.” Enjoyed it a great deal and wondered if you’ve thought of expanding it to explore your world of Eden? Would be very interesting to develop an all gay erotic Old Testament set in this future world. The story also reminded me in a favorable way of one of the classics in gay erotica the Planet of Desire series by Tommyhawk – Mike

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